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Why Use Traffic Exchange Programs

Traffic Exchange programs? Why would any business want to exchange their traffic with other businesses? First off, this is not the proper interpretation. It is only a service offered to online businesses that have a common objective to gain more exposure for their business. Traffic exchange programs are many and varied in their operation.

Some will let you surf the Internet as you normally would, with the only exception being that you set your browser's start page to their default advertising page. Once your homepage's browser loads you earn a certain number of advertising credits. You get additional credits for clicking on links of other members in the program's network. You can then use these credits for exposing your links to the network, with a chance of potential visitors and sales. Other traffic exchange services make your surfing experience a bit more complex, since you would have to wait for a timer to expire in order to be awarded credits, and while that timer counts down you are forced to view another person's website from the network.

Many of these measures were taken by the traffic exchange programs in an effort to minimize or eliminate cheating, since some users came up with ways to cheat the system by using software programs that auto surf and earn credits. Participants to these traffic exchanges will surf the Internet with a slight modification of how they normally would, in an effort to collect credits. A surfer will conclude that the less distracting from the normal surfing experience, the more the surfer would be willing to use that traffic exchange program. Also, the less a surfer is forced to view an advertisement, the more targeted he/she will be for that product or service. For example, someone who reads a headline in a traffic exchange and clicks on it to view the website is more targeted than someone who views it because he/she is forced to wait for a timer to expire.

You now know what traffic exchange programs are, and how they work, their main benefits are: 1. Free Most traffic exchange services are free, although you can upgrade your membership to get additional benefits in some. This means that someone with a low or no budget can start advertising their website fast and for no cost. 2. Targeted Traffic (for Internet Marketing) When your product is Internet marketing related, the traffic you would receive to your website will be somewhat targeted because it will be people like you, who are looking for more ways to increase their online income.

3. You can build an Opt-in list. To do this, design your webpage to give out a freebie or a 5 part e-course in exchange for an email address.

You can then follow up with these leads and market to them in the future. 4. Recruit affiliates If you own your product and have an affiliate program, you can recruit affiliates to sell your product for a commission.

The more people selling your product, the more income you will make. Traffic exchanges offer a great free way to promote your business. They should be included in your advertising arsenal but make sure that you leverage your time effectively.

Find a traffic exchange program that will not hinder your normal surfing behavior, while advertising your business and you will be able to maximize your time and effort with this free marketing tool.

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