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A Complementary Team

We all have weaknesses. Whatever our roles. In management positions, one of the bigger challenges is to recognise our own shortcomings and alter our own behaviours.

Sometimes this can be very challenging. Often a hint is that there are areas of your work where you feel like you really struggle, or are things you avoid. Or are things that you don't enjoy doing.

So you do other things that you do like and leave gaps. Spaces in your attention that are important, but get missed. You are not alone, your gaps are natural, because no-one is perfect, not even those at the very top of their game. You see, the very best executives realise that they aren't completely rounded.

The ones who have wonderful strategic visions may not be the best with the purse strings. The ones who have a very focused view of the operational standards of their business, may well not see the possibilities. The business world is littered with big-time bosses that missed a trick or two. You may have worked with one or two! The best ones realise this and take action. Even though it might mean getting over that truly biggest hurdle for top bosses, their ego, the best are able to get the point that they aren't perfect and they need help, for the greater good.

So they surround themselves with others who have the skills they lack. A great visionary may have an expert with tight financing. The detail guy may have someone who is a whiz at thinking off the wall and with wow ideas.

It's a blend that the very best bosses understand and let go of. They give up control in the areas where they are not as strong. If you have weaknesses, accept it - it's natural and where those are, look for people in your team who have those skills. Nurture them and let them have a free rein to manage that part of your business where you can't - not effectively anyway.

And get on doing your stuff really, really well, without the worry about those bits that you are less comfortable with.

2005-6 Martin Haworth is a Business and Management Coach. He has hundreds of hints, tips and ideas at his website,

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